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• By choosing stucco, you have already made a smart decision. Stucco is an extremely versatile, time-tested, cost-effective, color-retentive, damage (fire, fungus, moisture) resistant, maintenance-free finish.

• By choosing MARCMAT CONSTRUCTIONS, you can be sure you have the best stucco covering your walls. It's color is the last choice you have to make.

• We'll do the rest. At MARCMAT, we are determined to providing the highest quality stucco that can be applied to flat or curved surfaces either inside or outside any building or structure.

• We are using only ASTM and CSA tested and accredited materials, and, in the same time, we are open to utilize new products and to learn new techniques in order to achieve the finest results.

• We will be always committed to meet our dead-lines and to maintain the highest standard of honesty in all of our dealings, for the best house we want to build is not here, but in heaven.

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